Course Description and Rules

Course Syllabus

1. Government – 12th grade course on the background and workings of American Government.
2. U.S. History 1850-Present – 11th grade course on American history since the Civil War.
3. Civics – 7th grade course on citizenship, basic government, U.S., PA, and local history.
4. World War II – Elective course on American involvement in World War II.
5. Civil War – Elective course on the social and political aspects of the Civil War era.

Rules for Class
1. Bring all materials to class every day.
2. Pay attention and take part in all aspects of class positively (do not be disruptive or disrespectful).
3. Keep all electronic devices (cell phones, etc.) in your locker.
4. Be on time.
5. Treat each other as you wish to be treated.

1. Materials for class – notebook, folder, pen/pencil, textbook, homework, class work.
2. Book guide/Internet guide – overall of a chapter (all chapters will begin with an overview guide).
3. Homework – 2 homework assignments per chapter (all homework is an extension of the lessons and questions on homework assignments are used for tests).
4. Note checks – checks of notes taken will be conducted at least once per chapter.
5. Class work – projects
6. Tests – account for roughly 40% of the grade.

Grades: Grades are updated daily on MMS, which all students and parents can access through the school website (

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