Pennsylvania Civics
1st Quarter Project

Objective: Find information on key aspects of American history and government.

Directions: Use the Internet to find out the following information and answer in your notebook.

PART 1: Go to this site which is on national parks in PA. READ THESE DIRECTIONS: when you get to the map, to the right of the map is a menu with all topics check only want National Parks to have a check mark so click off all other check marks to get the map that only shows National Parks. If your computer doesn’t bring up the interactive map, go here.

    1. Click on “Independence.” What can you learn about here? You'll want to click the circle at Philadelphia.
    2. Go back and click on “Valley Forge.” What can you learn about here? Valley Forge is just a little west of Philadelphia.
    3. Go back and click on “Gettysburg.” What can you learn about here? Gettysburg is south of York.
    4. There is one site in Somerset County. Which is it and what happened there? Somerset County is south of Johnstown.
    5. What is the national park located near Johnstown in South Fork? What happened there?

PART 2: Go to the site on D.C. to learn about the following:

  • Give information on the following by clicking on the site, reading information, and putting the information in your notebook: Lincoln Memorial, Washington Monument, Jefferson Memorial, Arlington, Ford’s Theater, U.S. Capital Building, White House, and the Frederick Douglass site.

PART 3: Use Google to search the following and give the significance of celebrating the following national holidays/history behind the holidays:

    1. Independence Day
    2. Thanksgiving
    3. Memorial Day
    4. Veterans Day
    5. Presidents Day
    6. Labor Day
    7. Columbus Day
    8. Martin Luther King Day

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